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Product Comparisons

Product Comparisons


Seaton Engineering
We honestly could not find any dimmers that were comparable to the MaxDim  in terms of size, installation simplicity, lack of heat sinks, current capacities, external package mountings, etc. that were fully STC'd and PMA'd for a wide range of aircraft.  
Need to comply to Cessna  AD 93-24-15?
We now have the FAA AMOC allowing this installation.

The MaxDims are simply in a "league of their own".
But here is one comparison
  MaxDim Cessna Dimmer
Street Price Call Us $2070.00

Click here to see typical


Seaton Eng
Xevision Xepulse
Device STC/AML* Yes Yes Yes Yes No
RTCA/DO-160E Qualified Yes No No No No
PMA Yes Yes Yes No No
Max. watts 700@35v 250 500 100@12v
Current Limiting Yes No No No No
Reverse voltage protect Yes No No No Yes
Thermal Protection Yes No No No No
Channels 2 2 2 2 2
Max Watts/channel 350 125 250 100@12v
Voltage Range 12-35 11-29 11-29 12-28 10-18
Right only Yes wiring wiring wiring wiring?
Left Only Yes wiring wiring wiring wiring?
Both channels on Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alternate 44 PPM Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Alternate 88 PPM Yes wiring wiring No No
Alternate 120 PPM Yes No No No Yes
Fully self contained Yes No No No No
Heat sinks/exterior boxes, switches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
All in box* Yes No No No No
Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

wiring means that this function is accomplished with extra wiring and/or switches, diodes, or other parts.  MaxPulse is fully self-contained and has no need for external heat sinks, boxes or other mountings, extra switches, diodes, or other special parts.

* Device STC/AML - Does the device itself carry an STC and associated AML?
Be sure to check carefully on this front as some claims are incorrect, limited, or intentionally misleading. 

* Avtek Pulsar is STC'd.  Check the STC, PMA and AML for your aircraft.  To see the STC for the Pulsar Click here.

* Xevision has two different models to cover the voltage ranges shown. The power handling is 14V - 250W total and the 28V - 500W total. 

* All in Box - Are the parts required for a full install in the box?  Does the box contain all documentation required for your installation?  Use existing or obtain circuit breaker separately.

? indicates the information cannot be determined from published sources.  We welcome any corrections for the information contained in the above tables.  Contact us with info and where we might verify the correct information.


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